29 May - 1 June 2024
Weekdays: 09:30 - 19:00
Saturday: 09:30 - 16:00
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Reservations for KOMATEK 2024 is underway. Priority will be given to KOMATEK 2022 participants. Other reservations will be taken according to application submission order.

Area Information:

Halls 2,4,8 are allocated to participants requiring a minimum of 750 m² indoor stand area.

Halls 5,6,7 are allocated to participants requiring a maximum of 400 m² indoor stand area

Area indicated as either Acık Alan or A or Outdoor Area is the outdoors exhibition area of KOMATEK 2024. Minimum stand area outdoors is 150m².

Payment Conditions:

Stand reservations will be held for a maximum of two weeks. If it is not completed into a Contract for Participation the reservation will be void and hence that area will be alocated to next requesting participant. Sales are subject to 50% payment on Contract for Participation signing and the remaining to be paid latest by 31 January 2024.

Stand Information:

Exhibitors requesting space in Halls 2,4,8 will be supplied with concrete flooring and with marked boundaries only. Exhibitors will have to decorate the whole area themselves. These exhibitors should pay utmost attention to the stand fitting regulations provided within the Exhibitors Manual as the stand building and dismantling times are very short and IFM (the Venue Operators) Stand regulations are very strict. Exhibitors will be solely responsible from the subcontractors and their personel regarding complience with the rules and regulation stipulated in the “Exhibitors Manual”, the Participation Contract and any other document and regulation that has been instructed by the Turkish Laws, IFM and the Organisers. Any fee, due or cash collection requested by the governing bodies will be collected from the Participant.

Exhibitors requesting up to 150m² indoor space with booths will be furnished with 1m x 2.48 m MDF panelled walls, rib carpet flooring, company name on stand facia, one 100W spotlight per 3 sqm and one triple socket 220V/2KW power outlet. FuarDizayn company have been appointed as the official stand constructors for KOMATEK 2024 and no other stand company nor fitting will be allowed for stand areas under 150 m². Please see D System Stands for stands up to 150m² at FuarDizayn website for details.

Exhibitors requesting 150m² to 400m² indoor space will be utilizing F System or Basic System or Truss System or specially designed stand systems to be provided by FuarDizayn and no other company or system will be allowed. The size and structure of the stand system will be negotiated with FuarDizayn after the contract is finalized.

Outdoor areas will be delivered as asphalt/concrete flooring with marked boundaries. Stand fitting regulations for outdoors stands are stated in the “Exhibitors Manual”.

Scaling is 25 sqm (5x5 m) for outdoor areas and Halls 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 1 sqm (1x1 m) for Hall 7.

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Indoor Area (space only)
0 - 150 m2
200 €/m2
151 - 250 m2
180 €/m2
251 - 750 m2
160 €/m2
750+ m2
100 €/m2
Standard Booth
30 €/m2
Outdoor Area
0 - 250 m2
90 €/m2
251 - 750 m2
80 €/m2
751+ m2
70 €/m2
VAT (20%) is not included.
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