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  1. SADA UZMANLIK FUARLARI TİC. A.Ş. is the organizing company of the Exhibition/Trade Fair which is under the permit of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Turkish Republic.
  2. These rules and regulations are an integral part of the agreement between the organizers and the exhibitor and these are governed by the laws interpretation arbitration and settlement in a Turkish Court of Justice.
  3. Once application for participation has been made and participation is accepted by the organizers, unless a revision notification of SADA shall not exist, content of this agreement is governed by these present rules and regulations. This contract limits the liability of SADA and their authorized agents only to items. 1. General order and construction of the exhibition site. 2. Installment of electricity provision. 3. Information and translation services. 4. General security and cleaning of the area.(inner-stand cleaning belongs to exhibitors) 5. Publication of the official catalogue against the charges specified on this application form only.
  4. SADA reserves the inalienable right to modify, amend, add to and/or interpret these rules and regulations such that they do not operate to diminish the right reserved for the exhibitors under application contract, nor so operate as to increase the liabilities of the organizers.
  5. Detailed memoranda and instructions to exhibitors issued by the organizers from time to time are all to be considered supplementary to and not replacing these rules and regulations, nor the terms agreed on this application/contract form.
  6. The Organizer has explained in full details the conditions available at the Venue. Exhibitor will have no rigth to claim or complain about the conditions of the Venue and the surface of the rented space. The existing surface at the Venue is either asphalt, concrete and/or compacted soil/gravel. The Exhibitors are deemed informed about the surface of the space they are renting.


  1. Payments are due on the dates and schedules as mentioned on this form and or within 15 days maximum of the issue of an invoice by the organizers, failing to comply with any payment would allow the organizers to reserve the right to take any step deemed fit in the interest of the exhibition as a whole. Exhibitors can not claim any right granted to any exhibitor with this contract, without having paid the amount of the contract participation due.In case the existence of the "payment by installments", Exhibitors should pay all installments on due, otherwise all further payments shall be considered as fall on due, too. In all these cases SADA has the right to apply judicial collection procedure or may terminate the contract and may demand all his expenses and other losses because of breach of the contract by the Exhibitor.
  2. After participation has been confirmed, withdrawals from the exhibition is not possible and would entail full liabilities on exhibitor to complete the payment as agreed on the reserve. If, SADA faces with a monetary penalty or loses the opportunity to realize the Fair/exhibit as result of these withdrawals, because of related legislation, SADA may demand these payments from related exhibitors.
  3. Organizers reserve the absolute right to refuse participation of any applicant without having to assess any reasons. In such cases the total deposit money send with the application would be immediately refunded. The financial and legal liability of SADA is restricted by the value of this contract.


  1. Exhibitors under covered space with booth contract, would be provided within the agreed fees a pre-fab shell scheme as provided on maps and designs by SADA or their contractors. These can't be changed, altered or damaged by the occupying exhibitor.
  2. Stand interiors are the responsibility of the exhibitors, drawing and plans for which should be submitted to the exhibition architect for approval. This being said, various halls within the exhibition grounds have area limitations (upper and minimum limits) and the exhibitors are expected to abide by the pre defined stand regulations for each and every hall that they exhibit at (certain stand sizes and the locations will be allowed with certaain types of stand material which will be provided by the official stand contractor. These spaces will be rented on space plus stand inclusive conditions). Organizers would reserve the right to change, refuse or alter any stand structure non complient to the regulations and/or detrimental to other exhibitiors or to the exhibition as a whole.
  3. Exhibitors reserving open air space will be allotted their required ground areas on plan, where they can erect, their own stands and booths, these to be approved by the organizers technical manager at leas, 40 days prior to the exhibition.
  4. All services not enumerated and if required by the exhibitors may be realized and will be charged independently by appointed contractors of SADA .
  5. Exhibitors should occupy their stands and be ready at least 3 hours before the time of official opening of the Exhibition, Exhibitiors under no circumstances can dismantle their exhibits and withdaw from the Exhibition earlier than the official closing time.
  6. If 24 hours before the time the exhibition is officially opened, and exhibitor has not availed himself of the stand allocated to him, or before that time it is certain that the exhibitor will not avail himself of the stand, and/or the, exhibitor has failed to fulfill, in time, his obligation to pay with regard to the Exhibition to organizers may dispense of the stand in question, without further demand or notice of default, without being held to refund any payments already received , and witout the exhibitor thereby being discharged from the obligation to pay the amounts owing. Parties of this contract commit that they will not demand a deduction or re-payment on the base of the contract value, because of the allocated places.
  7. Exhibitors in different areas and in different categories of products would be assigned schedule of occupation of stands and also a schedule for bringing in large and heavy exhibits. If so requiring mechanical handling.
  8. Exhibitors do hereby undertake to abide by the rules and by laws for stands and decorations, or safety, fire, building etc. of the Turkish Authorities, the landlord and those of the organizers. Also all work would conform with the laws of labour unions and syndicate wherever applicable. Exhibitors undertake to make necessary arrangements, modifications and take immediate steps to remove each and any aspect of work team which contravenes these above bye-laws and rules, once their attention has been brought to some.
  9. Re-letting sub-letting and/or transfer of participation right in the exhibition is prohibited. Representation of literature, photos and/or any from of representation of any other organization other than the bona-fide exhibitor is not allowed in a stand or the exhibition.
  10. A catalogue may be published by or on behalf of the organizers completed on the basis of details to be furnished by the participants on a form made available to them for that purpose. The participants shall submit these particulars before a date to be notifed to them. The organizers or the editors appointed by them accept no responsibility for any error and/or missions in the catalogue.
  11. Exhibitors are obliged to conform with all the rules and regulations set forth by the organizer during the set up, exhibition and packing up of the event. Some of the rules are specified with the exhibitor's manual.


  1. The exhibition is covered under a general policy of insurance for the liabilities of the organizers but exhibitors liabilities within their spaces, labour and staff's insurance, third party liabilities are their own responsibilities. The exhibitor will be responsible from any bodily or material damage caused by the exhibitor's staff, contractor, machinery, equipment or work; be it within or outside the exhibitor's stand area, within the borders of the Exhibition.
  2. SADA undertakes no responsibility for loss, theft or pilferage or exhibits during the exhibition period. Exhibitors are obliged to take preventive measures for these issues.
  3. SADA will not be held responsible for the safety of any exhibits or property of any exhibitor, it's staff contractors or agents or any other person, of for only loss of or damage to or destruction of thr same caused by theft, burglary, fire, storm, tempest, lightning national emergency, war, civil commotion, labour striker, lock-outs or by reason of all and any accident force majeur not within the control of the organizers whether ejusdem generis or not or by occasion of such and similar happenings the holding of the exhibition is impossible or is advisable or is postponed or closed prematurely. As SADA can not and will not accept any responsibility for any or all loss suffered by any exhibitors caused by the above mentioned exhibitors are advised to cover themselves by their own insurance policies.
  4. In case of premature closure or abandonment or the exhibition caused by factors as above in clause 4- c SADA shall be entitled to retain all sums paid by exhibitors or third bodies or such part there of as found justified for incurred expenses, fees, compensations, etc.
  5. If the opinion of SADA the exhibition/fair be re-scheduled in time and location, all contracts for participation would become binding for there scheduled event except as to the size and positions with adjustment proposed by the organizers. SADA will not be liable for any refunds or other claims from exhibitors who for any reason could not attend there-scheduled event.
  6. SADA have the right, without legal intervention, to refuse admission to persons who in their opinion may act in contravention of these rules and regulations or any business ethics.
  7. Exhibitors undertake here to acknowledge that they are participating in the exhibition/fair with their own free-will decision and this contract entails no promise oral or written from the organizers as to the nature amount or level of business from the exhibition/fair and/or its success.
  8. The stamp tax arising from this contract shall be borne equally between the parties and the Exhibitor will pay the stamp tax to the public authority within 7 (seven) days at the latest from the date of signature of this Agreement and send the invoice for 50% of the paid amount to SADA, by attaching the document confirming the payment. SADA shall pay the amount communicated to the Exhibitor within 7 (one) business days at the latest. If the Exhibitor does not pay the stamp tax on time, SADA may take the necessary legal actions, including not allowing the Exhibitor to the Exhibition area and recourse to the Exhibitor by adding a monthly delay interest of at least 3%.
  9. All complaints or disputes regarding the exhibition/fair will be entertained by the organizers only if made in a written notification before the closing date. Any kind of disputes which may arise from this contract or as a result of termination of this contract shall be settled by Turkish law and Courts of Ankara.
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